PYOGENESIS 'Ignis Creatio' CD Metal Box

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Limited 20th Anniversary Edition

"Ignis Creatio" 20th Anniversary Limited Edition

20 years after it‘s initial release, "Ignis Creatio" will be reissued.
The originally 30 minute debut album will be delivered in two beautiful packagings.
Both configurations are remastered and include three breathtaking, classically arranged
bonus tracks with a total playing time of almost 50 minutes.


- An amazing metal box with frosted artwork.
- An incredibly unique velvet inlay.
- A special color printed, 16 page-booklet.
- A semi-matt frosted CD.
- Limited to 500

1 The Fire That Still Burns In Me (Bonus Track)
2 Still Burn In Fire
3 Created To Live Eternal  (Bonus Track)
4 Like Tears (In The Dust)
5 On Soulwings
6 Psalm 23  (Bonus Track)
7 Underneath Orion‘s Sword
8 Ignis Creatio